Blurred Vision

Blurred vision is a symptom of various human eye infections, Myopia or Hyperopia. It deals with ocular vision. The most common problem of eye is blurred vision.

Causes of Blurred Vision
Blurred vision is caused by many factors. Some of these are:
• Presbyopia is a condition in which blurred image of things is formed. Patients have a difficult time focusing on the objects near by to him or her. As people start ageing, blurred vision starts getting persistent.
• One of the most common causes of blurred vision is when the muscles of eye become weak and lens are pulled into shape.
• When the neurons at the rear side of the eye are lost; this disease is called Macular degeneration which is a major cause for blurred vision.
• Blurred vision occurs when lens lose their elasticity, usually happens when people start getting old. The effects of blurred vision caused by ageing can be diminished or lessened by usage of antioxidants.
• By the use of anticholinergics or atrophine, blurred vision is caused.
• Blurred vision can also be a result of diabetes. Diabetic retinopathy can lead to complications and bleeding occurs in the retina in severe cases.
• Cataracts- It is a disease where patients experience blurred vision at night. They are not able to see the headlights and hence, unable to drive properly. A hazy picture of car appears in front of them increasing the chances of accidents.
• Due to inflammation of eye, or infection or an injury, blurred vision can come into existence.
• Transientischemic attack or Stroke can also lead to Blurred vision.
• Glaucoma also results in Blurred vision. This is due to the fact that Glaucoma causes intense pressure in the eye, causing blind spots and poor vision at night which is the main cause of blindness. It happens both suddenly or gradually; and is treated as a medical emergency if happened all of a sudden.
• Brain tumor is also one of the major causes of Blurred vision.
• Tiny particles called floaters traveling in the eye can cause blurred vision and ultimately retinal detachment in the long run.
• Temporal Arthritis is also one of the chief causes of Blurred vision.
• One of the reasons for Blurred vision is bleeding in the eye which can be due to any reasons such as injury, etc.
• Optic neuritis is also a cause for blurred vision in humans because in Optic neuritis, swelling of optical nerve occurs from either multiple sclerosis or from infection. This condition causes pain in the eye while moving the eye ball, touching it or while touching it with the eyelid.
• Severe headaches such as migraine also produce halos, spots of light, or form patterns like zigzag whose ultimate outcome is blurred vision. Ophthalmic migraine causes blurred vision but do not create a headache.

Side Effects
The side effects of blurred vision include the following:
• Dizziness is the upshot of blurred vision. Patients of blurred vision also endure from dizziness because as they try to recover from their condition of blurred vision and focus on things, they try to form focal points through sight line. This causes difficulty for patients which results in more pain and damage to the eyes and ultimately, leads to dizziness.
• Headaches are the most frequently occurring side effect of blurred vision.
Treatment of Blurred vision is possible by visiting a well renowned and trusted Optometrist. A good Optometrist can prescribe the medications necessary for the treatment of Blurred vision, as well as identify the cause.
Prevention is always better than cure. How one save himself from Blurred vision or Loss of vision is determined by the following factors:
• Regular Eye checkups should be a vital part of each person’s life. These should be conducted at least once a year or better twice a year to avoid getting any eye diseases and to be diagnosed for them at an early stage. These checkups with eye specialists can help the affected people recover from this illness so that their vision is preserved.
• Learning about the symptoms of eye disease also yield benefits. If you know that the symptoms are due to an ailment of the eye, which is causing blurred vision, you can visit an optometrist. He or she can guide you further that what signs are for which disease, and therefore, you can avoid these disorders to a great extent.

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