The laser capsulotomy eye procedure is an non-invasive procedure typically performed on a patients eye to move cloudiness (opacification) that has developed on the outside capsule of their eye’s lens after a cataract is extracted.  YAG laser capsulotomy eye differs from anterior capsulotomy that your surgeon would perform during a cataract extraction to remove a cataract and when then implanting a intraocular lens.  The procedure is performed with a nd:YAH laser that operates on a light wavelength to disrupt that patients opacification on the lens. The thicker the membrane being removed the more dramatic your vision improvement will be and the more satisfied you will be with the results.

The procedure image shown above is typically done in the lasik eye clinic and is painless, if necessary anesthesia is administered using eye drops, and the benefit is that following a capsulotomy you can usually resume all normal activities such as driving unless advised by your surgeon or you don’t feel 100%.

There are always risks for capsulotomy but as it is usually effective there is no need for further treatment unless complications occur such as swelling, loss of vision or the retina becomes detached, it is always important to have a follow up eye examination in around 6 weeks after your last laser treatment to check there has been no complications.