Several manufacturers offer laser platforms for customised, wavefront-guided LASIK and the most popular wavefront LASIK procedures performed in the US are:
  1. iLASIK
  2. VISX CustomVue
  3. Allegretto Wave
  4. Zyoptix

iFS™ Femtosecond Laser System

iLASIK (Advanced Medical Optics)

iLASIK is the first vision correction procedure to be 100% custom-fit unique to the characteristics of your eyes.  Using 2 computer-guided lasers the iLASIK procedure is one of the most precise medical procedures available today. Typically iLASIK is 25 times more precise than methods used to measure glasses and contact lenses, iLASIK uses 3D mapping which ensures a safer and better outcome from your LASIK procedure.

The iFS™ Femtosecond Laser System takes refractive surgery LASIK flap creation to an improved standard of speed and control. The IntraLase FS Laser System gives surgeons unparalleled control for safer, precision-designed LASIK treatments. iLASIK laser systems enable surgeons to create truly custom-designed LASIK flaps that deliver outstanding surgical outcomes and promote biomechanical stability for their patients.

VISX CustomVue (Advanced Medical Optics)

advanced CustomVue logoAdvanced CustomVue offers the most precise measurements based on the proprietary AMO Fourier algorith.  It offers the highest resolution of wavefront errors, and enables treatment based on approximately 240 data points on the patients pupil. The Advanced CustomVue can possibly produce better vision than possible with glasses and contact lenses.  It also offers your eye doctor a new of detailed information to correct unique imperfections in each individual’s eyes. Advanced CustomVue offers excellent outcomes for the broadest range of vision LASIK wavefront-guided treatments:

  • High Myopia
  • Mixed Astigmatism
  • Hyperopia
  • Low to Moderate Myopia

The Advanced CustomVue vision correction procedure consists of 4 steps:

  1. Acquire
  2. Design
  3. Align
  4. Deliver

Allegretto Wave (Alcon Inc)

wavefront optimised treatmentsThe Allegretto Wave Excimer Laser system was designed based on an ideal system with shortened surgery times, innovative and reliable eye tracking and a clear ergonomic concept for the physician and the patient.  Built with pioneering and unique PerfectPulse Technology®, this refractive laser platform aims to protect quality of vision while providing safety for patient and physician.

  • Laser repetition rate:  200 Hertz
  • Laser vision correction procedures utilises Wavefront Optimized® ablation
  • Features intelligent laser pulse control
  • Can perform wavefront-guided treatments
  • Laser spot size 0.95 mm
  • Laser has Gaussian beam profile

Zyoptix (Bausch & Lomb)

zyoptix personalised visionZyoptix offers excellent visual quality in low light conditions. The Aspheric treatment also reduces the induction of spherical aberrations, preserving the natural aspheric shape of the cornea.  The benefit is better visual performance for patients in low light conditions and can treat myopia and astigmatism. Zyoptix offers patients a premium procedure:

  • Personalised Treatment
  • Personalised Treatment Advanced
  • Presbylasik
  • Tissue Saving Treatment

Custom LASIK Costs

Due to the advanced technology and additional computer equipment required to perform wavefront-guided LASIK, this customised procedure typically costs several hundred dollars per eye more than conventional (non wavefronted) LASIK, especially if the custom LASIK was an all laser procedure. According to eyecare industry analysts, the average cost for the all laser custom LASIK in the US was $2341 per eye, where conventional (non wavefronted) LASIK with the corneal flap created with a bladed microkeratome, the average bill was $1662 for each eye.


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