Lasik Clinics

To get a better idea about the locations of Lasik clinics within Australia, we conducted a search of the Yellowpages, and found that there are around 90 Doctors and Medical Practitioners based around Australia who advise they offer Vision Correction procedures as part of their clinics medical services.  What we found interesting was that the actual location of the clinics and how the spread of clinic locations varied by state, with a breakdown of the listings shown below and on the map.

ACT – 2 Lasik Clinics
New South Wales – 38 Lasik Clinics
Northern Territory – No Lasik Clinics
Queensland – 15 Lasik Clinics
South Australia – 3 Lasik Clinics
Tasmania – 3 Lasik Clinics
Victoria – 23 Lasik Clinics
Western Australia – 10 Lasik Clinics
The problem is with many medical services is that they are often based around capital cities and larger regional centers, so within the states how even spread are the lasik clinic locations?
Queensland Lasik Clinics
Queensland has a bulk of the clinics placed within south-east queensland and mostly within Brisbane with a few clinics located in northern Queensland.
New South Wales Lasik Clinics
New South Wales has a decent spread of its clinics along the coast with a large portion of their lasik clinics located around the greater Sydney area.
South Australian Lasik Clinics
South Australia only has a few and are located within the center
Tasmanian Lasik Clinics
Tasmaina has their clinics centralised in Hobart appears to have 3 but in fact is only 1 location with 2 listings and the other is a national clinic.
Victorian Lasik Clinics
Victoria has a large number within the greater Melbourne area but also has a few located out of the state capital in regional Victoria.
Western Australian Lasik Clinics
Western Australia has a devision of the clinics north and south of the swan river.
Northern Territory Lasik Clinics
It does appear that at least within  Yellowpages there are no Lasik clinics operating at this stage, so you would have to consider travelling to one of the other states.
What if there are no clinics in your location?
It shows that there is a large percentage of Australia that will have to travel if they are looking for lasik eye surgery procedures, but have a reasonable number of options for doctors and medical groups who may be able to offer packaged deals with travel and consultations built into the price.  We advise that you should also considering booking direct as you will save up to 40% on hotels throughout Australia with and we know that cheap flights are always easy to find on Expedia to all Australian capital cities.

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