Lasik Costs

We have started this informational website as a central location for finding out more details about the pricing of Lasik Eye Surgery and what other costs maybe involved in laser surgery procedures. Many patients choose LASIK or LASIC surgery as an alternative to wearing corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses. Lasik has the main advantage that it can also be cheaper as it is a long term solution to replacement of glasses & contact lenses.  There are multiple solutions for Laser Eye Surgery but all procedures have a similar starting point of the scanning of your cornea and most take time and can cost thousands.
Lasik Procedure
After the eye doctor has created a map of the surface and determined the shape of your cornea, they will be able to determine the degree of astigmatism or any irregularities in your cornea. Following this initial step of taking eye measurements, you will prescribed antibiotics to be used several days before the eye surgery.  This important step helps reduce the chances of you developing an infection after the procedure is completed and reduces possible costs associated with complications.
Another reason that people choose to have laser eye surgery is to reduce or stop the need to wear contact lenses.  But it is important leading up to any procedure that you stop wearing the contact lenses as they restrict oxygen flow to your cornea and can cause the area to become inflamed.  All these important steps need to be followed as they reduce the costs incurred due to complications and can make the healing process longer.
Eye Surgery Consultation Costs
  1. Most quality eye surgeries offer free consultation services to ensure that you are suitable for corrective eye surgery.
  2. This step of eye consultation should never be skipped as it can highlight issues that can affect the success of the procedure.
  3. Cheaper eye surgery quotes do not include this consultation in the price and you may be in for a surprise.
Why Lasik can be expensive because the following procedures needs to be done:
  1. The Lasik Procedure
  2. Lasik Preoperative Preparation
  3. Lasik Operation: Flap Creation, Laser remodeling, Reposition the flap
  4. Postoperative Lasik care
The Correct Eye Procedure
Corrective eye surgery requests several necessary preparations in the preoperative period. The surgery operation itself involves creating a thin flap on the eye, folding it to enable remodeling of the tissue beneath with a laser. The flap is repositioned and the eye is left to heal in the postoperative period. The time taken to recover from such procedures can depend on the patient and method of laser surgery used by the doctor.

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