85 Year Old Crime Victim gets Free Eye Surgery

Ida Sue CollinsNot everyone is as lucky as Mrs. Collins, a resident of Charleston, who got free eye surgery from a doctor. Ida Sui Collins was robbed of her cash in front of her home last month, money that she was going to use for her cataract surgery. She was really disappointed as those were her birthday checks and she didn’t know how she would arrange this money again, along with other medical bills.

Her voice touched one kind doctor at the Carolina Cataract and Laser Center. “Ms. Collins seemed just like the nicest lady and to see what happened to her was such an unfortunate thing and we just wanted to help in any way we could,” consoled Dr. Budev of the Carolina Cataract and Laser Center. He treated the 80-year old woman of cataract free of charge.

Dr. Budev was himself excited to help out the old lady. He took particular interest in her treatment and was glad to see her back in health. Briefing about her condition after the surgery, he said, “She’s doing great, she’s doing great! Everything went really, really well. We’re lucky that we had the opportunity to help her. We’re very pleased.”

Collins, who has other medical issues too, is a tough woman. During her last incident, she fought for her pocketbook and gave a tough time to the robber. “I wasn’t thinking about my life. I was thinking about my pocketbook and what worried me was having to replace all that stuff. He had to fight for it,” she said in an interview with Live 5 News last week. Soon after the incident, police arrested the two cousins Manuel Scott and Rodney Scott who were alleged to be involved in the case.

“There’s so many good things that’s happened out of this that I never dreamed would happen and it makes a big difference”, exclaimed Collins. Her story touched many people and she received a number of kind letters as well as checks in her mail.

Checks didn’t only come from family members but also from strangers. Most surprising of all was an anonymous check of $500 dropped at the Live 5 News Studio. It was from a former repenting robber who once stole money from a woman years ago. He regretted that he never got to apologize to her and found this a good opportunity to make amends.

Collins said that all this money will go to her medical bills. She was really happy to receive these tokens of affection and she said that it does make a big difference. She was particularly appreciative of the generosity of Dr. Budev. She said in an interview, “That’s right, that’s what I said there’s still good people in this world and he’s one of them.”