OptiMedica’s Catalys Precision Laser System Approval

Catalys Precision Laser SystemThe long requested proposal of OptiMedica has finally been accepted. It’s Catalys Precision Laser System – a new generation method used in the treatment of cataract – is now CE mark approved. The process can now be used for creating single-plane as well as multi-plane arc incisions in the cornea. This will add new utility to the existing Catalys Precision Laser System, as stated by Optimedica.

The laser system itself was itself CE mark approved and allowed by the U.S Food and Drug Administration. With the approval for corneal incision, the system can be made more precise and easy to administer. Moreover, it will make the procedure safe as it brings an amazing level of accuracy.

“We are thrilled to be able to extend the system’s precision and accuracy benefits to these important surgical steps, as they will further optimize the experience for cataract surgeons and their patients”, said Mark J. Forchette, President and CEO of OptiMedica. The company is hopeful that the CE mark approval will highly improve the process. Dr. Forchette further added, “The CE mark approval for corneal incisions is an exciting development that will allow Catalys to bring even more value to the laser cataract procedure.”

The first surgeon to use Catalys for performing single-planer and multiple-planer incisions during cataract treatment was Professor Burkhard Dick. He was the chairman and head of the University Eye Clinic Bochum, Germany at that time. The CE mark approval will allow surgeons to implement the method, which they know is useful in the cataract treatment. It makes it possible to make highly precise accurate incisions in the cornea. Surgeons can now make incisions of accurate length, depth and orientation which will simplify the process.

Dr. Dick is proud to use this technology and refers to it as a “valuable addition” to his practice. “I believe that Catalys represents the forefront of innovation in laser cataract surgery, and it’s been my pleasure to break new ground by using the system for corneal incisions.” He is glad to see Optimedica receive the CE mark approval and says, “Catalys has proven to be a very valuable addition to my practice, and I look forward to continuing to work with OptiMedica to set the new standard in laser cataract surgery.”

There are just a few additional regulatory approvals to get and the technology ready to reach cataract surgeons and centers throughout the world. A software upgrade from Optimedica will be required to enable the devices to use it for corneal incisions.

Optimedicas is a California based global ophthalmic device company that develops performance-driven technologies for patient treatment and care. The Catalys Precision Laser System was designed by the company to streamline the cataract surgery and to make it more accurate.