Sandoval Looks Up After Recent Eye Surgery

Pablo SandovaPablo Sandoval, the third baseman to San Francisco Giants, looks through the new eyes that he recently got and he is quite appreciative about them. In November, he got laser surgery on his left eye, as he was feeling uncomfortable with wearing lenses. Now he can play his games more confidently.

Although, comfort was the main reason for the surgery, he got more benefits than he asked for. “I am seeing the ball better,” he rejoiced. “I see everything better. Everything is clearer.”

Previously, he was complaining about the contact lenses which he had to wear during the games. “They bothered my eyes. My eyes would get dry”, he said. After the eye surgery, he doesn’t need to wear those irritating contacts anymore.

With a more powerful left eye, he might be able to play more strategically against left-handed pitchers, when he bats right-handed. Before the surgery, he had a batting average of 0.295 as a right-handed when playing against lefties. The surgery has helped him score even better against them. Now he is a confident switch hitter.

His OPS was 0.215 lower against left-handed than against right-handed. Last season was quite favorable for him as he was one of the top scorers in the Giant’s batting order, while he was batting right-handed. Although, the team was skimpy at the plate, he batted 0.315 with 70RBIs and 23 homers. Then, the team scored only 570 runs, showing a huge difference of 127 runs from its score in 2010 when it almost won the World Series.

By this time, Sandoval has hit .231 in 39 at-bats, which is a comparatively slower start. But this doesn’t seem to annoy his manager much. “We’re looking for a similar year out of Sandoval to what he had last year,” said Bruce Bochy, his manager.  Last year was a nice bounce-back season for him. We’re not looking for him to try to over-do it or anything like that.”

Sandoval’s performance from last season had some issues too. The main negative part was that it was not much. He only had 466 plate appearances, which were 134 plates lower from his performance in the previous two seasons.

Last year was a bad year for Sandoval. He injured his right-hand wrist in late April and had to miss six weeks. When he recovered from the wrist damage, another game caused strain in his left shoulder. Sandoval was able to recover from it without any surgery, although one was suggested.

“The shoulder feels fine,” he said. “Everything feels fine.” Pablo was high-spirited to participate in the next game. After the left eye surgery, he is now ready to make high scores. He has got his clearer eye on the plate appearances.