Terrance Knighton Needed Eye Surgery after Incident

Terrance KnightonThe career of the struggling Terrance Knighton might get a bummer from his recent eye surgery. It came quite as a surprise, both to the public as well as the Jacksonville Jaguars for which he plays as a tackle. It’s not clear what caused the young player to get an eye surgery and speculation is swinging over the vines.
While the Jags are preparing for the fourth NFL season taking place this Fall, the participation of Terrance Knighton in the defense stays suspicious. It depends upon what comes out of the closet about the incident. The player is hopeful to join the game, as his mother quotes, “He’s in good spirits.” Speaking about the incident and the surgery, she says, “I have faith, and I didn’t lose my son. So that’s really all that matters.”

Briefing about their outlook over the case, the Jacksonville Jaguars said, “We are aware of the incident report regarding Terrance Knighton. We hold all of our players to a high standard of behavior, as does the National Football League. We’re concerned about this matter, and it is being handled internally. We’ll have no further comment at this time.”

According to the Florida Times Union, Knighton was involved in a violent argument while he was at a nightclub. His Twitter update, on the day the incident occurred, confirms his presence in the venue. The regional newspaper states that he got hit by a vodka bottle that caused the eye injury. The quarrel was not initiated by the victim himself.

The police reports, however, have a different angle of the story. According to the police, Terrance Knighton was “involved in a physical altercation” where he “repeatedly made threats to shoot people.” The report suggests that he might have been drinking and the quarrel may have ignited from him “disrespecting a female.” The Jaguars responded, “Our concern and our focus is on Terrance and his health and recovery.”

The injury is quite severe and even after the eye surgery it cannot be confirmed if he is in an appropriate state to participate in the forthcoming game. According to the Time-Union, the condition of his eye “appeared to be serious” as observed by the doctor when he went for a follow-up.
Terrance Knighton was selected from Temple, a small city south of Fort Worth in 2009. Since then he has participated in three seasons with a total of 45 games. Due to his skillful maneuvers, he soon found an important position in the middle of defense of the Jacksonville’s Jaguars. As of last season, he has made a total of 5.5 sacks and 75 tackles in his career. He and his mother are hopeful about his 2012 performance, which is potential of earning him a long-term contract.