Surgery Costs

The costs of laser eye surgery can be complex so this breakdown should provide a bit more guidance, as part of the cost is associated with the quality and experience of the lasik clinic or ophthalmologists performing your procedure.

  • Initial laser procedure costs
  • Enhancement procedure costs
  • Health insurance cover?
Initial laser procedure costs
It is upto individual practises to set the pricing levels for their laser eye surgery procedures but a key factor that affects the pricing will be the condition of the patient.  When comparing prices for lasik/lasek procedures comparing like for like can be difficult as there are so many considerations that are neccessary when deciding the level of treatment required for each patient.
If desired by the patient increase levels of care and support more expensive options for pre/post operative care can be selected. But if you are looking for a cheaper laser eye procedure you can select to limit your pre/post operative treatment, but leaves the patient open to risk if further post operative treatment is required.  The savings on your eye procedure now can add up to increased costs later on.
The key area to examine is the selection of the eye surgeon that will  conduct the operation and some specialists may charge a premium rate if they are in high demand.
Enhancement procedure costs
You need to check with you ophthalmologists to confirm that everything is included. Other elements such as who is responsible for post-operative care and are all post operative visits included in the initial cost.
If there is any complications to your vision correction procedure and you need further treatment will there be an additional cost? You have to remember that any procedures not covered in the initial cost will have to be met by you the patient.  While these costs are often significantly less they still add up and make it worthwhile to read the fine print regarding the procedure.  There maybe conditions such as certain visits within a set time window to qualify for free or reduced followup procedures.
Health insurance cover?
It is a trend that some companies have begun to offer Lasik/Laser treatment as part of their company health insurance policies.  You should check with your employer to see if laser eye surgery will be covered by your employment insurance policy prior to seeking treatment.  You can also consider discussions with your accountant to see if the laser eye surgery can be tax deductible.

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