Wavefront Surgery

WaveFront technology was originally developed to measure distortions that occur to light when it travels through our atmosphere and enters an optical telescope. The technology has been adapted for eye laser vision correction. WavePrint System™ uses Hartmann-Shack Wavefront sensing technology, the computer based platform measures subtle variability of how light is distorted (focused) on different areas of your eye.  The subtle variations known as high order distortions account for upto 10% of all optical distortions. Using the WavePrint System™ the ophthalmologists can create a special map detailing this variability. This surface map, a detailed treatment plan can be created by analysing your unique optical distortions, prescription glasses, visual needs and pupil size.  The wavefront treatment is as unique as your fingerprint.
Is WavePrint a separate vision procedure?
It can be used with traditional PRK or Lasik procedures and there is no significant difference in how the vision laser procedure is done.
What are the benefits of WavePrint?
  1. It offers a higher chance of seeing 20/20
  2. Reduction in frequency of night vision problems
  3. Patients see clearer and crisper results
  4. Can offer treatment to people with larger pupils

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